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HTR Secondary Clutch Roller Kit for Ski-Doo QRS clutch on Super Wide Track Skandic, Expedition etc. from 2010-2023. (0.870″ x 0.600″) Replaces OEM Part #417127016 or #417127189


HTR thermoset composite secondary clutch roller kit. Fits all Ski-Doo Super Wide Track snowmobiles with QRS secondary 2 roller clutches. These rollers are designed specifically for the extreme impact in this application.

PLEASE VERIFY: Approximate OEM roller size 0.870″ O.D. x 0.600″ wide

CLICK HERE for a list of Ski-Doo’s using OEM part #417127189 or the two speed transmission

KIT INCLUDES: 2 rollers, 2 stainless steel thrust washers, 2 e-clips, 2 small and 2 large diameter spring pins


There are many combinations of years, makes and models. Please verify roller measurements and OEM part numbers for your unit prior to completing your order.

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