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Hi-Torque Secondary Clutch Rollers have been developed and tested on the trails, mountain slopes and snowmobile race tracks of Alberta and British Columbia, Canada where they are manufactured. Our rollers are built from a thermoset composite material, proudly purchased from a premier US manufacturer. 

Hi-Torque Rollers are able to endure high temperatures, pressure and impact. They are fully machined to very accurate tolerances with a precision pin fit resulting in a very stable rolling action. This ensures that your secondary clutch delivers near perfect torque feedback from your track to your engine. The results are increased reliability, performance and smoother power delivery along with the benefits of a cooler running drive belt.

Hi-Torque Rollers provide a solid foundation for your secondary clutch, whether you are using a stock set-up or a clutch kit with a full roller face contact helix, available from your favorite clutch tuner.

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